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Whenever you see a person with a very muscular body, do you wish to be muscular and strong too? Does it awaken your desire to be strong and muscular too? If the answer is yes, this article is for you. There is plenty of good news.

Desire is the starting point and it will motivate you for a long time. Hold on to your desire and set goals with reasonable timelines. Generally, the responses are better in younger people and previously trained persons. When you begin your bodybuilding journey, do it under the guidance of a certified trainer or coach.

Resistance training for several weeks increases muscle cross-sectional area (CSA), strength, and power. Muscular hypertrophy and strength gains following resistance training are thought to be dependent on the intensity of exercise, in such a way that an intensity of more than 65% of 1-repetition maximum (1RM) is required to achieve a substantial effect.

The good news is that your body can make adequate quantities of Testosterone, Growth Hormone (GH), Insulin like Growth Factor (IGF) and many other co-ordinating vital factors through a proper exercise regime and balanced diet.  

GH release increases with the Intensity of Exercise

Studies suggest that intensity and duration of acute exercise, work output during exercise, muscle mass used during exercise, fitness, and training state may all influence, in part, the GH response to exercise.[1]

Furthermore, the level of aerobic fitness and prior training are related to the amount of GH released over a 24-h period. [1]

Exercise intensity may play a key role. Exceeding a particular threshold of exercise intensity is needed for a significant rise in serum GH. Peak GH concentrations are seen at the end of exercise or within 40-min post-exercise. [1]

GH release increases with Long Duration Aerobic Exercise (of lower intensity)

Another study found that if the duration of aerobic exercise is increased from 1 hour to 2 hours, GH secretion is significantly amplified during the next 20-hour period.[2]

GH release is amplified if the rest periods between sets are reduced

Tweak your exercise pattern and make more GH, by reducing the rest periods. Exercise regimens using moderate exercise intensity (10 repetitions max) and shorter rest periods (1 min) considerably elevate GH and Testosterone concentrations, whereas those using higher intensity (5 repetitions max) and a longer rest period (3 min) do not. The former protocol is known as a hypertrophy-type regimen, and is used typically by bodybuilders.[3]

The GH response was 3-fold higher in the shorter or no-rest regimen. WoW. The muscle hypertrophy (measured by CSA), strength and endurance were all better in no-rest regimen.[3]

Sprint for massive boost in GH release

High intensity and high-speed exercises using a person’s all out capacity for as less as 6 seconds to 30 seconds, leads to a burst in release of GH.

In a study conducted in women, one bout of HIIT consisting of 4 all-out sprints of 30 secs along with 4.5 minutes of active recovery, increased pulsatile GH secretion for 12.5 hours.[4]

A single-30-sec bout of maximal exercise on a treadmill increased GH concentrations 10-fold above baseline at 1-h post-exercise (Nevill et al. 1996).

Among healthy men, GH concentrations remained elevated for 3-hrs post-exercise following a 6-sec (~217%) or 30-sec (~530%) all-out sprint on a cycle ergometer (Stokes et al. 2002)

Sleep early at night to get free GH

Approximately an hour after you sleep, your body releases more and more GH for the massive repair work in the body tissues, up to around 4.00 am or a couple of hours before sunrise. After that GH levels decline and reach the lowest levels by sunrise. Hence, if you sleep at 9.0 pm you may get at least 6 hours of nocturnal GH free. If you sleep at midnight you may get only 3 hours of GH for body repair and growth. Relaxation techniques and meditation will help you to get deep sleep.

Importantly, this happens with all the innate checks and balances of the body and thus has safe and significant benefits, including lipolysis and muscle hypertrophy. Don’t waste money on GH unless it is advised by a Physician, for specific medical conditions. 

Body Satva Essentials urges you to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and sleep adequately at night, to Prolong Youth.

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