Abstract from 'HOP in the Mind' - Digitalization and Basics of Pharma Marketing

Abstract from 'HOP in the Mind' (HOP=Hierarchy of Priorities ) 

Philip Kotler emphasizes that Digital Marketing is to be integrated with Traditional Marketing and not try to replace itAdopt and embrace digital technologies but remember that the ‘basics are forever’. It is the message that helps to sell the products, if it is received and processed by the customer. Digital is an additional medium to deliver the message and HOP in the Mind. Interaction and persuasion can happen only in personal interviews. (p 205)
Customers will continue to;
a. Part with their hard‐earned money for “solutions to problems” or “good feelings (Michael Le Boeuf). Patients buy relief, cures and good health.
b. To decide emotionally and justify with logic. The buying decision may appear logical, but the final decision and entry into the HOP is governed by emotion.
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Abstract from 'HOP in the Mind' , CORD Model

Abstract from HOP in the Mind , by Prabhakar Shetty. (HOP=Hierarchy of Priorities - in the Mind)

The CORD Model is a cascade of responses to the factors in the sequence of communication. CORD is somewhat similar to AIDA, but is better suited for personal selling of pharmaceutical brands to Doctors. CORD is more intricate, intertwined and complex because the decisions are made by the Doctor, who is the expert. It is not necessary that a decision will be made by the Doctor after going through the entire sequence. Depending on various circumstances, including prior knowledge of the product, there is a variable cascade of responses and decisions as result of the interactions with the Salesperson.

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